To fully enjoy your fashion jewelry purchase you must first realize that fashion jewelry is not meant to last a lifetime. I strive to sell durable FUN fashion jewelry at very reasonable prices. 

Everyday Care of Costume Jewelry:
Never wear costume jewelry in the shower or bath. Not only will some adhesives dissolve when exposed to hot water for an extended period of time, but soap and hair product residue can build up on the piece because they don’t rinse well. Think of the residue that your water and bath products leave in the shower or tub. The same thing can build up on your jewelry. Also avoid handling your jewelry by the gems. Hold it by the metal only. Oils from your skin can build up on the stones and attract dust and dirt even after you attempt to wipe the stone off.

Caring for your Fashion Jewelry: 
* Keep your jewelry away from the following as much as possible: 
a. Water, lotion, perfume, or other harsh chemicals 
b. NEVER wear jewelry in the pool or ocean 
c. When NOT wearing, keep in a jewelry box or pouch. You can help prevent tarnish if you keep your jewelry in a sealable (zip) plastic bag.

Many women just toss their costume jewelry in a jewelry box because it is costume jewelry. Costume pieces can actually be damaged more easily than high quality, expensive, real pieces. Find a jewelry box or other storage area that has plenty of room, allowing you to lay your costume jewelry pieces flat with the gems facing up. Keep the pieces separate. 

Cleaning Costume Jewelry Pieces:
No matter how carefully you store your costume jewelry, it’s inevitable that dust and oil will find its way onto the stones. This makes them look dull and kills the sparkle that is often the entire purpose of a large, costume jewelry item. It’s very easy to keep your gems clean and shiny however. You might try using Windex® or equivalent. Just spray and rinse under the sink with water and wipe away any excess until dry. 
 Mild soap and water are usually sufficient, but be careful. Make sure that the soap doesn’t contain any kind of moisturizers. If you have a piece that is particularly dirty, consider using a special jewelry cleaner – but be careful using this, as well. Gems such as coral, pearl, amber, opal, and turquoise should never be cleaned with chemical jewelry cleaners or ultrasonic cleaning machines because they can be damaged easily. Wipe these with a soft cloth or jewelry cloth each time you wear them, before putting them into storage.
Cleaning Tools:
To get into crevices and molded metal work, use a soft bristle toothbrush or a cotton swab. You can very slightly dampen these with a bit of Windex. Any pieces featuring rhinestones that have a foil backing should not be submerged in any liquid. ESPECIALLY NEVER USE SILVER JEWELRY CLEANER – it has a mild acid and will ruin your fashion jewelry and strip the finish in seconds!  

Fashion Jewelry is best worn for occasions. If you are the “I never take it off and wear it everyday” type of person, your jewelry will not last as long as someone who wears their jewelry every now and again. I often relate jewelry to clothes. Someone who wears the same shirt everyday can not expect it to last as long as someone who only wears the item once a week. 
In time, if your jewelry has lost its luster – don’t despair - consider recycling it by using the beads, charms or chains for a variety of craft projects. Beads can be reused to make earrings, link chains can be cut and used as necklace extenders, charms can be use in scrap booking projects or as pet tags or hot glued to accent just about anything! 

How to care for your jewelry

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